What is my Why?

At a young age I dreamed of a career that allowed me to help others.

It started off as a wanting to become a teacher but I soon pinpointed more specifically what I wanted to spend my life doing. I wanted to help the vulnerable. Whether it be animals, babies, mothers, or children I knew I wanted to help those that could not help themselves. Growing up in a family that never had money issues, I often felt guilty for not facing the same struggles as others. I decided that I was going to use my education to help those that were not given the same opportunity as me. At the beginning, I wanted to be a registered nurse, but over the years, my dream morphed and transformed. After I attain my bachelors of science in nursing, I want to obtain my doctorate in nursing and start a medical non profit.

My future non profit is not set in stone.

I am always thinking of new non profit ideas and brainstorming for the future. But I know with time and more experience in nursing I will find the population of people that I am most suited to help. Like everything else in life, you have to experience new things to find what is best for you. When that ‘something’ comes along, your intuition will tell you.

I plan on continuing to step outside my comfort zone in order to gain new perspective. I believe new perspective gives life to new ideas and a wider range of audience to relate to. The ability to relate with people and have empathy for their lives is what allows you to be open to help them.